Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residential Condominium

Project Description

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is known for decadence and luxury and it was important that their flooring and countertops matched the level of quality they required. With only a year to complete the large order, the staff at CTC worked carefully with the quarries in both Spain and Portugal to provide enough natural stone that was required to complete the task.

The metal maple leaf inserts was a beautifully unique and finishing touch for the Toronto based location. Each insert was carefully inspected and reinspected upon their arrival from the manufacturer, and only once it was agreed that their perfection was intact, they were laid into place. The tedious process of inspection was well worth the effort and the natural stone and metallic maple leaves will continue to marvel every visitor to come.  CTC’s client was extremely satisfied will the finished product and was praised with being one of the highest quality seen in North America.

Project Details

  • Project Type:


  • Client:

    Ritz Carlton

  • Completion Date:

    June, 2012

  • Project Size:

    1,200,000 Square Feet

  • Location:


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